• who are you?

hey! im qwercus. i created etheredex cards as a passion project.

  • ... etheredex cards?

yes, they are collectible pieces of art that are part of the ethereum blockchain. each one is a token that can be tracked publicly. the owner can choose to hold, sell, trade, send, or even burn (destroy) it.

the genesis token of etheredex cards! #1/1

  • how does someone hold a digital token?

a digital wallet! there are many varieties. custodial wallets are like bank accounts- protected and in possession of a company. non-custodial wallets are like personal wallets or safes- if you forget the combination or lose it, no one else can help you reclaim what was inside.

  • why are there different numbers of copies for each card?

there are three rarities: rare (1-10), uncommon (11-20), and common (21 or more). depending on the popularity of the project, new card releases may have higher mint counts. new card releases may be moved to an auction system if demand is high. some cards may be given to a project for promotional use.

  • i would like X card, but it is sold out! Will you ever mint more?

no, if a card only has 13 copies, it will always have 13 copies. if you are still interested in acquiring one, you can use the card # lookup links on the right side of the page to see each card that is owned. you can use opensea to make an offer to buy it from that person. some card owners may even have the card listed for sale! note that opensea does not yet support messaging to communicate interest or work out a price.

  • do i have to use opensea to sell or transfer a card?

not at all! any dapp or wallet that can send or receive ERC1155 tokens should work. when you use opensea to sell a card, 2.5% of the sale goes to me and 2.5% of the sale goes to opensea. if you are not interested in buying a card yourself but you know someone who might, opensea lets you earn a percentage of the sale through a referral link.

  • is this project dead?

ive had a few months away from a working pc. i still have to recover some data. im migrating OSes and software too.

  • what's in store for the future of etheredex cards?

i've had a lot of time to think about which direction i would like to continue with this project. i have considered the idea of rereleasing the cards to current owners under a unique contract, with higher resolutions, and with ipfs as a host. i've also thought about how cool it would be to design and mint physical copies of the cards, possibly redeemable through a contract that burns the old token and generates a new one. protocols like charged particles or nft20 offer some interesting possibilities too. as always, i have lots of ideas about different protocols and projects i would like to implement into a new design. feel free to reach out on twitter if you have suggestions!